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Digesting Zero-carbon Speculations

A 3-day Design Process intensive workshop for students at the Institute Integrative Design, FHNW Basel. Using human food practices as a context and a starting point from which to explore and articulate values, desires, and worries associated with climate-resilient futures.

With Markéta Dolejšová for Institute Integrative Design, FHNW Basel

Across the world, local and national governments are beginning to realise the impending costs and consequences of anthropogenic climate change, and are drawing up legislative responses. Many of these Green New Deals, Resilient Cities, and other policy plans are functionally speculations, targeted at dates decades into the future. These are often political compromises, lacking the concrete economic and social scaffolding necessary to make their implementation feasible.

The way our food production system works is a key driver of climate change. From this perspective, participants in the workshop responded to climate-mitigation plans by creating scenarios imagining future implementations of climate-resilient food communities.

Through co-creative design explorations in the food domain, using performative design fictions, speculations and scenario building, we aimed to move beyond simply following (or critiquing) existing climate-oriented legislation plans.