The vehicle chimed. “You have arrived at your destination.” Percy reached over and hit the DISPLAY button to pull up his fuel efficiency stats. Completely stealth approach. Battery-only coasting for the last mile, 50 to the gallon for the whole ride. Off-road. Had to be some kind of a record. He leaned back in his… Continue reading Hypermiling

Get Real

A quick catch-up on a family chat in 2043. Short fiction I wrote for a collaboration with logo & type designer Peter Korsman of autograph.works. Happy New Year everyone! SLOIPNET 1.2.c [SECURE GROUP] PARTICIPANTS: [Fern, Rangi Bro, Sys] SUBJECT: [SIBLING UPDATES. EVERYBODY DIES RIP LOL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯] [SYNCHED: 02:48 27/12/2042] Hey guys, been a while since… Continue reading Get Real

Cosmic Amens

New instalment in my ongoing TIME LIFE series. Produced for the ‘Where’s The Music?’ exhibition at TeToKa gallery in Kanda, Tokyo. Some background, some pictures detailing the construction of this piece & some lessons learned for the next one… Earlier this year while in Tokyo I was invited to submit work for this show. I forgot about it, when I got… Continue reading Cosmic Amens