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For Whom The Computer Graphics

Here’s a write-up of a talk I gave at the invitation of Haunted Machines for the IMPAKT event ‘Deep Fakes or Rendering the Truth‘, 21st of April, 2018 in at IMPAKT HQ in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You can watch the video of the talk...

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The Futures Cone and The Engagement Pyramid

The third part of our magical diagram of a machine for calling forth futures. Part I: Theory of Change and the Futures Cone Part II: Theory of Change and the Golden Circle Part IIa: Back to the Futures Cone The Engagement Pyramid If you’ve ever done...

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Back To The Futures Cone

An interstitial post between the mashings of diagrams to look at some comments I’ve had about the Futures Cone before I go back to abusing it again. There is a lot less swearing in this post than the last one, I promise. If you have no...

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Theory of Change and The Golden Circle.

The second part in our series of diagram mashups, following on from Part 1, Theory of Change and The Futures Cone. This one has another cone in it because I know you all love the cone. The Golden Circle Here we have Simon Sinek’s Golden...

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Theory of Change and the Futures Cone.

The first in maybe a series of posts mashing together and overcomplicating some simple diagrams. Today’s victims; Theory of Change and The Futures Cone. I will briefly introduce The Futures Cone, make a critical note on its depiction, and propose a new ‘P’. Then a brief introduction...

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