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Theory of Change and the Futures Cone.

The first in maybe a series of posts mashing together and overcomplicating some simple diagrams. Today’s victims; Theory of Change and The Futures Cone. I will briefly introduce The Futures Cone, make a critical note on its depiction, and propose a new ‘P’. Then a brief introduction...

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Cosmic Amens

New instalment in my ongoing TIME LIFE series. Produced for the ‘Where’s The Music?’ exhibition at TeToKa gallery in Kanda, Tokyo. Some background, some pictures detailing the construction of this piece & some lessons learned for the next one… Earlier this year while in Tokyo I was...

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The Decrystallization of the Hidden Netherlands

The Dutch government’s censorship of sensitive locations has become an iconic feature of our online Maps landscape. These interventions are slowly disappearing, but looking back though the lens of Google Earth’s Historical Imagery feature, what can we see beneath? In the beginning there was only...

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Camouflage: The New Plaid

I recently gave a talk at Tokyo PechaKucha Night Vol 124. Basically an updated & much snappier version of the camo talk I did for Hackers & Designers last year. As described by the people of PechaKucha: He deconstructs the ironies associated with fashion being at odds...

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Camotalk – Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup

Sources for the talk I’ll give today for the Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup. Camouflage: Histories & Identities, Systems & Magic In rough order of the talk most things I’ll reference & that are shown on the slides. There aren’t sources for every single...

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