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Camotalk – Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup

Sources for the talk I’ll give today for the Amsterdam Hackers & Designers Meetup. Camouflage: Histories & Identities, Systems & Magic In rough order of the talk most things I’ll reference & that are shown on the slides. There aren’t sources for every single...

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Escaping the Cities of Drowned Ghosts

I’ve had this bit on the shelf for over a year now, just a thought that occurred to me while watching VICE on HBO’s Chinese Ghost Cities episode… You’ve heard about the so-called Chinese Ghost Cities. Puffy-faced finance consultants on CNN call them ‘a...

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Constructing Lunacopia

Yeah I should have been doing a bunch of other stuff, but due to a long run of boring work combined with more interesting projects getting postponed for months on end, I had to make something visual that actually got finished for sanity retainment...

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A Rough Design Fiction Maturity Continuum?

If you’re reading this you probably already know about Design Fiction. You may also have seen Bruce Sterling‘s recent talk at NEXT Berlin on Fantasy Prototypes and Real Disruption. At around the 12:30 mark Bruce calls out the need for a system of categorisation for...

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What a beautiful world this will be

What a glorious time to be free. An essay on why Donald Fagen’s I.G.Y is the single best science fiction song. Ever. Full disclosure/disclaimer. The Nightfly album has been played to me since before I was able to make memories. It was grafted into my...

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